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A mother and daughter, sitting in a waiting room, with a chair in between them. The tension is palpable.
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How Do You Like Your Eggs?

A Short Film by Zen Dot & Dini Parayitam

The Story

The Story

​When thirty-something Seema drags her reluctant mother, Karuna, to learn about the process of getting her eggs frozen, Karuna is surprised to find the appointment is with a handsome, single doctor, Kaushik, who just looks like the right guy for her daughter. Much to Seema's horror, Karuna doesn't even hide her intentions to set them together. The appointment turns awry when Kaushik, too, seems smitten at first-sight and flirts with Seema. But how will Seema respond?

Inspired by classic romantic comedies and infused with a Bollywood flair, the story hopes to introduce the audience to unforgettable characters in relatable situations while at the same time, open the conversation to women's agency regarding their fertility.

The Storytellers

 Zen and Dini met during the development of a different short film and what started as a professional relationship turned into a friendship and power alliance. When Zen presented the idea of making a rom-com based on the backdrop of a strained mother-daughter relationship set in a fertility clinic, Dini wrote the screenplay to it. Without waiting for any permission, they decided to produce the film themselves in November, 2022.  

Dini and Zen are in this picture together smiling at their dreams!
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How Do You Like Your Eggs? | Teaser 1 | Zen Dot | Dini Parayitam
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The Cast

The Cast

Head shot of the beautiful Zen Dot with a dazzling smile.

Zen Dot

Seema Tandon

Strong, clear-thinking, ambitious chef who wants everything-- career, love, family--but can't seem to find the perfect recipe, as she navigates her mother’s reluctance that suddenly turns into inappropriate match-making.

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Sunita Mukhi's head shot highlighting her kind eyes

Sunita Mukhi

Karuna Tandon

Head shot of Vick Krishna giving us the gaze.

Vick Krishna

Kaushik Arora

Head shot of Ayanna Dookie just chilling and vibing.

Ayanna Dookie

Tanya Johnson

A stubborn, compelling, but updated-take on the typical immigrant mother who is both supportive and a little too opinionated about Seema's choices. Boundaries are for countries, not families. 

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Evading his own mother's attempts to set him up, a nerdy doctor falls in love at first sight with a prospective patient and tries to win her over by impressing her mother. 

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 The calls-it-like-it-is nurse whose only regret is not bringing popcorn to work that day.

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The Team

The Producers

Head shot of Zen again, but in a producer role.

Zen Dot is an NYC based actor and producer. Before HDYLYE?, Zen played  “Lark” on the series "Ms/Manage" (Urban World, New Fest) created by Emmy nominated director Caralene Robinson (220th street productions), currently streaming on Black Oak TV. In early 2022, Zen also had the opportunity to work with Kathryn Bigelow on a commercial for Amazon Prime. Zen trains with coach  Van Hansis at the Matt Newton Acting Studio.


Dini Parayitam

Dini is an Indian-American fiction writer, screenwriter, and director based in NYC. Dini attended the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and received an MFA in Fiction. Dini’s short fiction has been published in The Iowa Review, Boston Review, and Joyland Magazine. In addition to HDYLYE?, she has written and directed  All Your Yesterdays (short) and is  currently developing 3 feature scripts. 

Head shot of Prashant

Prashant Vankamamidi

Prashant is an Indian-Canadian film enthusiast and producer. In addition to HDYLYE?, Prashant has co-produced All Your Yesterdays, a short film based in Texas. 

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Wilder Troxell head shot

Wilder Troxell

Wilder started filmmaking in high school where he made his first sitcom at 17. He shot his first feature -"It's Just A Game"- at 20 years old. His second feature "Sherwood: The Completely Real, True Story of the Merry Men" is currently in festivals. He is now living in New York directing and performing comedy.


Drue Pennella head shot

 Drue Pennella

An award winning director, director of photography and a graduate of NYU Tisch School of the Arts, Drue uses his skills to bring many kinds of stories to life on screen. In 2012 Drue started his production company Pure Motion Pictures shooting films, commercials, promotional brand videos, music videos and corporate films. Just prior to shooting Eggs, Drue directed the award winning comedy web series Upcode as well as the campy short film take on Tarzan titled The Destruction of Jane.

The Crew

A photo of the entire crew of the film, smiling and cheery!

AD: Brandon Brumm

AC: Kelli Wilcoxon

Gaffing: Dylan Huang & Alan Chan

Sound: Tim Perdoch

HMUA: Jill Pipitone Olsen & Vibha Mistry

Set design: Stella Gatti
PAs: Komal Modi, Rubin Modi, Javeria Hasnain, Gianna Olsen, Kalyani  Lakkanige, Massimo Montgomery
Audio Engineer: Aditi Kolodny

Editors: Ashish Yamdagni & Zen Dot

Colorist: Carolina Steele



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We are currently developing the feature film which continues the story.


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